An ode to ADHD

Alarm goes off at 5.45, why is it always so hard to get out of bed? I

Directly head to make coffee, it’s too early for this!

How do people function uncaffeinated? Can’t remember, 

Did I press the button on the coffee machine?

Alright, what do I have on my to-do list today? I

Don’t remember if I made my coffee or not, I

Head straight to instagram to see what’s going on

Damn! The coffee is cold

An email pops into my inbox

Do I respond or not? Not sure I have the answer right now. I

Have to get more coffee! I

Decide to look up the best Netflix series of 2022

Am I good enough for this job? Not sure

Did I make the coffee? I

Happen upon a training course that looks interesting whilst simultaneously

Daydreaming of quitting and becoming a yoga teacher

And then I remember that I hate yoga. I wonder, 

Do dogs see in colour? I think I

Hallucinated that I drank my coffee again. I

Dutifully make a new cup


Accepting of my inability to drink a hot drink on time, I

Dive into my work emails. I 

Hope that I don’t have too many meetings today, I ask myself

Do cats have belly buttons?


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