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ADHD and creativity My ADHD superpower is…

In this podcast episode, I talk about the relationship between ADHD and creativity. I share my own experiences growing and being creative from a very young age, and discuss how being creative could be linked to ADHD. A lack of inhibition and the ability to think outside of the box, which are common traits of individuals with ADHD, could contribute to their creative abilities. Research has shown that people with ADHD are more likely to conceive of original ideas, and daydreaming may also play a role in increasing creativity. I conclude by sharing examples of other famous creative people believed to have ADHD and challenge the listeners to consider their own experiences.
  1. ADHD and creativity
  2. ADHD and exercising
  3. Growing up with undiagnosed ADHD
  4. ADHD and learning a foreign language
  5. Hyperfocusing with ADHD

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